Argeles sur mer


The beach where Charlie goes galloping like a horse and the three of us soaking in sunshine and frolicking in the sand, daily, all to ourselves. We are in one of the most beautiful beaches in the #Mediterranean, almost haunted in the Winter but the town’s 9000 population is multiplied by 10 in the Summer. The Pyrénées mountains in the background is the natural boundary between Spain and France and though it exudes a perfect postcard beauty, it played silent witness to the horrors of the Spanish Civil War when, nearly eighty years ago, half a million refugees fleeing Franco’s Fascist regime crossed these mountains in the middle of a harsh Winter in search of freedom and refuge….


The snowcapped Pyrénées mountain range forms a lovely backdrop to our campsite in Argeles sur Mer, France.


Enjoying an espresso in the terrace at Argeles sur Mer at Wintertime

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