We were driving in France, approaching the Italian border when we made a stop at an “aire” (highway stop) to take a panoramic glimpse (and take photos) of Monaco, probably more than a thousand meters below where we were.




A multi-million-euro rooftop apartment with its gardens

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Penthouse pools


The cemetery bordered by cypress trees


Monaco is a popular cruise ship destination.



Casino de Montecarlo


Charlie enjoying the sights of Monaco below.

The Flamingoes in Palavas les Flots

Here are my repeated attempts at photographing the flamingoes, not so brilliant because it’s been grey or cloudy since we arrived. Wish the sun comes out tomorrow then perhaps I might be able to capture clearer details of these pink beauties!
We count ourselves lucky to find this little gem of a coastal town near Montpellier. Called “Palavas les flots”, it has the fishing village charm with the Mediterranean sea on one side and natural ponds and lakes on the other, a nature reserve attracting many migratory birds and wildlife. We saw an otter last night, just under the bridge, a lot of strange looking birds and of course the flock of flamingoes! We just love this place!



and more…


The accidental liguist

(Roses, Spain)

Buenas dias, amigos!

Missing Spanish cuisine so much and this menu of 16euros excl. wine made us want to stay in Spain for good! It’s been very confusing with the many languages though. A month ago we’re struggling with Hungarian, then we switched to Italian, then French and now Spanish. Thank goodness I can still speak in English … here on Facebook and with H and Charlie of course!


The way the Spanish prepare their olive apero is still the best!


Calamares fritos, so tender and juicy. .



Grilled cod. This is really delicious, I haven’t had anything tastes like it!


Crème caramel a la Catalunya. This is probably where our leche flan took its roots but ours is much much better.