The exciting world of Travel

We wanted to have some real adventure – out of the Winter icebox and onwards to a milder Mediterranean climate but after only 350 kms on the road, we certainly got one! We heard a loud vibrating sound at the back of the campervan. Zuut… a punctured tire, in the middle of an almost chaotic autoroute near Venice! So glad that the van is covered with European breakdown insurance so a towing truck came and had the campervan- with us still sitting on the front seat – lifted up and towed 20 minutes to a garage. The ride up there is similar to being up on a carnival ride, so exhilirating at the same time, had our adrenalin bursting, ahahaha!!

Welcome to the exciting world of travel!




Moon-spotting again


You are seeing the actual colour of the moon taken at 5pm today. It was still low in the horizon hence the lovely orange tint and I could just stay there and compose my shots with more different foregrounds but I think three is enough, besides it’s freezing cold out there at -1 degC.
Will try again tomorrow and still hope that the night will be as clear as today…..

A Christmas card so early


My sister shared her photos of the festive Christmas tree and decorations at home so I thought of digiscrapping them into an advanced Christmas greeting card, thrown in some images I got from the internet and voila, the result! We will be on the road soon again but still don’t know where we will be this Christmas and not sure if internet connections will be ok and it’s only seventeen days left anyway, etc etc so let me send this advanced greeting now…