These things normally happen when we are travelling, but no, this is just a morning walk outside our doorstep!


A walk along the vineyards


The crunchy sound of dry leaves in the Autumn is music to the ears.


A traditional wine house in the vineyards.

20161025_102001Our friend; Ferenc, inviting us to his wine house at 9 in the morning: “Come, let’s have a shot of palinka (fruit liquor that has a strong alcohol content).”

It’s a tradition in rural Hungary to be offered palinka and it is only polite to accept it.

“If you eat apple with your palinka, it will taste sweeter” says Ferenc looking for a knife to slice the apple.


Ferenc looking at the spelling of “Philippines” which I have written on the newspaper.

20161025_104825 20161025_105247

It’s mushroom picking time. Whoah! this is a giant!



“The hills are alive…” (Sound of Music)
img_8483 img_8485 img_8488


Our mushroom harvest for today.


Autumn in the Zala


…is when you don’t have to buy apples because your neighbours will always share their bounty with you


…is the season to harvest your herbs, for drying over the hearth. They’re great for topping your homemade pizza, stuffing your Christmas turkey, etc.


…is the time to go photo scouting for staggering scenery, to share with others who don’t have the same chance as you.


… is when you are always feeling happy and grateful, even on your own, what with these magical surroundings that perk you up everytime you get out of the house


Oh Autumn, lovely Autumn, you are my favourite season of the year..


And who wouldn’t feel the same way?