Day 10/21 – La Rochelle: its market, aquarium and all

To wrap up our La Rochelle adventure, we finally did what we had always wanted to do – to buy mussels at the famous Wednesday fish market and a visit to the Aquarium, Europe’s largest.

Mussels are a famous fare in restaurants here and we debated if we should eat out or cook our own. By eating out, we can easily spend 60euros if we include wine, but common sense prevailed and we opted to buy our own mussels, shop for the white wine, cook them ourselves and dine al fresco looking at the boats in front of us.


We have foldable chairs, foldable tables – even our wine has to be foldable so we can cramp everything in a small space. (Actually, the winebox was broken so we disposed it long time ago, even our wine glasses were broken so we are making do with plastic cups, but we still plan to buy proper glasses as wine tastes better on them.


In searching for the market, we had to go through a maze of streets but the sights always excite us.


….like this one. It looks like a former church converted into a hotel and a sushi restaurant on the side.


The seafood market.  La Rochelle is renowned for her shellfish.




Fromage. ..Formaggio. .they both mean the same – cheese!





How to shop in a covered market where dogs are not allowed?
Answer: Get H sit on a café with Charlie.14117883_10205141191447944_2949459156448743998_n
A new addition to our van-ning life: flexible car cooler! So we can finally open and chill that milk and have some cold water readily available. ( yes, we did have a car fridge before but you know how long Made in China lasts these days. This one is German-made so it says in the box.
Our breakfast earlier – croissants and pain au chocolat (bread with chocolate) bought from a nearby boulangerie. The baguette is for lunch.


Aperitif before lunch – smoked salmon a la provençale and olives stuffed with anchovies and of course, red wine in plastic cups

14141702_10205141190967932_6440201372577259894_nVoila! Our lunh, moules marinières (mussels with white wine) cooked by the chef of the house, who else but H! Accompanied by baguette (French bread)


And last but not least, a trip to the Aquarium. Luckily they are open till 11pm in July/August which is great so we went at 7pm, cooler for Charlie to be left in the car.


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