Day 9/21 – Still in La Rochelle

Things I’m glad I brought with us on this trip:
1- Fly swapper. Great for swapping wasps that come buzzing around us while eating.
2- Big steel bowl used by Charlie for eating. It’s multipurpose. I use it for washing up plates, as a sink and for collecting water. Spacesaver and easy to wash.


One of the most beautiful train stations in France is the Gare de La Rochelle. .


She doesn’t care where her boyfriend takes her..


Stopping for coffee, and water for Charlie, at this bar-cafe.

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Old town with its two towers and the train station clock tower in the center.


The wooden village of La Rochelle, new version, as the original one was burned 30 yrs ago. Reminds me of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, USA


These bags and storage boxes are recycled from old boat sail cloth. Great idea!


La Rochelle train station

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H’s dream boat


This bike tandem has a seat for Charlie at the back, ideal!


Maritime Museum

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