Day 8/21 – La Rochelle in the afternoon

We definitely feel fitter and lighter since doing this trip. I don’t get anymore those morning allergies (sneezing), those aches and pains when lifting or bowing (ex. posture when vacuuming), etc.. and H hasn’t had acid reflux for a long time, no muscle aches either. Voila! Seems we are healthier living like nomads!


Lantern tower


These are the two of the three towers (parts of the fortification) that welcome everyone visiting the Old Town of La Rochelle.

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Only this clock tower of the town hall is seen because the building is under repair due to the fire that burned the most part of this beautiful historic monument.


We went to the U-boat bunker earlier but it has been closed to the public for the last 10 yrs. This is another bunker, for the German soldiers, now a museum.


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At the courtyard of the Museum of the New World, Charlie was barking angrily at this statue of a slave. It’s in La Rochelle that the slave trade between Africa and France started. The New World refers to America because it was here on the port of this town that immigration to America commenced.

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Whoah! We thought we are in Bologna, Italy with all these porticoes, but this is still France!


Just checking if we can fit Charlie on this 3-wheeled motorcycle car. If so, it would be great to have one and tow it with the van.


The most expensive beer we’ve had since this trip..4.20euros a glass

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