Day 8/21 – La Rochelle, Part 2

It’s our 8th day travelling along the upper half of France and our challenge to ourselves not to stay in paid accommodations for the entire 3 weeks is looking to be doable. Thanks, France for being so tourist-friendly esp. to the budget conscious like us. And the country is indeed the most visited by campervanners, campers and backpackers because they provide the right infrastructure without expecting to make money out of it. Their main principle is, the more tourists, the more business it will bring to the local traders.

This morning, we got up early (before the heatwave sets in) and went for a long walk along the beach promenade. We saw a couple with their dog just getting up from their small tent on a secluded corner. Not far away is another couple enjoying their breakfast ‘al fresco’ with their own table and chairs, just like us, next to their van.
So now we are confident that we could do a repeat of this kind of travelling and can’t wait to do it in Italy or Spain or Austria! In fact, the whole of Europe, one country at a time! We just love this!


We were on our way back to the van when we saw the Monday street market on so we bought some cheese (called ‘3 lait’ because it contains 3 kinds of milk – goat, sheep, cow) and a piece of dried sausage so we can have sandwich for lunch. We bought a baguette (long French bread) yesterday and still has one juicy tomato left (courtesy of Maria, our Hungarian neighbour who gave us about 2 kilos from her garden on the day we are departing for this trip) and a bottle of olive oil in the van, all the ingredients of a French sandwich on hand. Wow! The dried sausage was extremely ‘out of this world’ so H, after lunch, quickly went back for more. Here’s the photo. The miniscule sausages, although they are also wonderful, will go to Charlie.

The walk along the beach promenade was more Mediterranean than Atlantic because of the sight and scents coming from the various herbs that lined the entire path, creating an explosion of heavenly scents! There are laurier (laurel), sage, rosemary, lavenders and many more their names I can’t remember! That’s an oyster shell which I picked from the beach (they are also famous for sea shells most of all, oysters).


And this is the view just infront of our parked van!

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