Month in Photos: June 2016

01_IMG_6437b01 June 2016
Neighbourhood, Alsace, France

You reap what you sow.

02 June 2016
Forest Park near home, Alsace, France

In March, I’ve mistaken those pink flowers  as cherry blossoms.

03_horsefoal03 June 2016
Horse Farm near home, Alsace, France

So lucky to see the beauty of nature just outside our doorstep.  Top photo: foal probably just 2 days old, bottom photo: about 5 days old

10_football10 June 2016
Bischwiller, France

As I wait for our TGIF pizza from this takeaway shop…..

12_turtle12 June 2016
Gengenbach, Germany

We’ve visited this park before and thought that these houses belong to the ducks.  Well, today, I actually saw the tenants.

14_magbox14 June 2016
Children’s playground near home, Alsace, France

Old telephone boxes converted into magazine racks for mothers while watching over their kids at play.

16_IMG_7390b16 June 2016
Home, Alsace, France
17_football17 June 2016
Alsace, France

The football season is also a season of flags and nationalism.

19_PaDay19 June 2016
Neighbourhood, Alsace, France


20_IMG_7695b20 June 2016
Home, Alsace, France

21_IMG_7759b21 June 2016
Neighbourhood, Alsace, France

It was 2 days before the EU Referendum in the UK and this photo I posted on Twitter under #DogsAgainstBrexit

22_IMG_776622 June 2016
Neighbourhood, Alsace, France

Three best friends

24_MG_785624 June 2016
Home Garden, Alsace, France

Charlie has a new friend
25_IMG_788125 June 2016
Mundolsheim, France

(Seen in the shopping complex in the next town).
One can learn the tango while shopping.

26_IMG_8295summer26 June 2016
Black Forest, along the German highway

Stopping for farm-grown strawberries and raspberries.


27_IMG_7689b27 June 2016
Neighbourhood, Alsace, France

On a rainy day, this man would hold an umbrella alongside  four dog leashes.

30_30 June 2016
Home, Alsace, France

Charlie:  “I’m going to miss this place but my heart doesn’t belong here.”


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