Virtual Museum: The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli

I am passionate about museums. If only I could visit a museum once a week.  Thank goodness, looking at the most famous artworks in the planet has been made easy through the internet.

Art de-stresses.   Art inspires.  Art makes life worth living because it stirs your passion, emotion and puts you into dreamland, transporting you back in time when our world was simpler and a more beautiful place to live.

This is the first entry to our “Virtual Museum”, which, from now on, I will endeavour to post every Wednesday, even if I am travelling…


“The Nightmare”
Oil on canvas, 1781
by Henry Fuseli (orig. name: Johann Heinrich Füssli)
Swiss (1741-1825)
(Detroit Institute of Arts)

This painting has yielded many interpretations and is seen as prefiguring late nineteenth-century psychoanalytic theories regarding dreams and the unconscious (Sigmund Freud allegedly kept a reproduction of the painting on the wall of his apartment in Vienna).

Nature today

Alsace, France


A sure sign of early summer: Lupinus Russell .  (Love these flowers!)


They come in myriads of colours and produce spikes of pea-like flowers.


The white blossoms that came out in early Spring have now turned into plums!


Hoardes of plums to harvest in early Summer

IMG_6425bRed plums


What you sow today, you reap tomorrow…


Even leaves grow blisters