The month in photos: January 2016

01 January 2016
Bischwiller, Alsace, France
We are always scouting  for  open fields so Charlie could run around  and that’s how we found  Bischwiller, a town of half-timbered houses, a castle,  huge park and open fields.

02 January 2016
Rhine river, France & Germany
We discovered yet more interesting spots along the Rhine.   How we always look forward to our weekend walks!

04 January 2016
Rhine river, Germany
We found a small beach along the Rhine on the German side and just in time, a barge came sailing by creating big waves that put Charlie on ecstatic frolicking mode!

07 January 2016
At home, Alsace, France
The funny thing is, he never get to catch anything!


09 January 2016
Gengenbach, Germany
A lovely town in the Black Forest down the Kinzig valley where hills and hills of vineyards make it look like a scene in Tuscany.  Yes, the Black Forest is referred to as the Tuscany of Germany by the locals.


11 January 2016
At home, Alsace, France
A friend from Rome excitedly told me about the heavenly scent of her pomelo encrusted with cloves. Luckily, grapefruits are in season and I have a large stock of cloves in the pantry.  Now my kitchen smells like spicy heaven…


15 January 2016
At home, Alsace, France
It’s pouring snow today and who else is the happiest of them all?


16 January 2016
Forest by the Rhine, Germany
There’s a magical feeling everytime we go walking in the woods, hear the sound of leaves  we trample on, inhale the fresh crispy air.


17 January 2016
Achern, Germany
After that fairytale visit and lunch in  Buhlertal we stopped in Achern, curious about this town whose name we always see on motorway signs.  Shame that it started to rain just as soon as we found a place to park but we managed to buy some Black Forest cake from a bäckerei  for our traditional BF cake tasting.   20_charliesnow

20 January 2016
At home, Alsace, France
It’s pouring powdery snow today creating a real Winter Wonderland scenery, the sight of which overwhelmed Charlie making it difficult to haul him back home.

23 January 2016
At home, Alsace, France
The end of H’s iPhone.
Probably because it’s 6 years old, too old to be kept alive, whatever, we’re so glad it didn’t start a fire or it didn’t explode powerful enough so as to burn H who was sitting next to it where it was being charged. Oh well, this is iPhone 3, had he listened to me and kept upgrading his iPhone everytime a new version comes out…

24 January 2016
Haslach, Germany
We were just entering the town of Haslach when we saw these two pals peeking out of the window together.  Wonder what they were chatting about..

30 January 2016
Osthouse, Alsace, France
“Thank you for saving me from picking up those canine droppings.  Follow his example!”
Saw this poster just outside the restaurant where we had lunch.  Am sure this was not photoshopped.


31 January 2016
Oberkirch, Germany
We thought it would be an exciting day for Charlie to watch the Jester Carnival in Oberkirch but holy cow! He won’t budge!  He is scared of fireworks!

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