The joy of dining in rural French restaurants

It was 11am.  It was meant to be a shopping day in Strasbourg but the traffic had us pulling our hairs at the edge of our seats.   ‘This is ridiculous!  We are wasting our precious Saturday on traffic!’

And so just as soon as we saw an exit, we speeded out, relieved to be out of the gridlock.  More motorway driving later followed by snaking forest roads that seem to go on and on,  our stomachs started screaming for food.  It was 1:20pm!


At last we saw this one in Osthouse but the prices seem to be out of this world.  A meal per head is 42euros!  We don’t care if they are recipients of all these badges of excellence.  It’s not even our birthdays to make spending that amount worthwhie.


Back to the van to try searching again, my photographic eye  noticed this barn next door.  Click goes the shutter!


Finally we found this gem of a place.

Main dish of chicken, beans and fries


For only 13euros we had an entrée, a main dish, dessert and wine in a convivial setting.

This  photo puts me on a trip to the past half a century…

Happy and satisfied without a dent on H’s wallet, we were ready for our next destination.  The day is still young.  We set the GPS to the city of Colmar….

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