Black Forest: Buhlertal

Home of the cuckoo clock, the Black Forest cake and where Hansel and Gretel lived and encountered the wicked witch, the Black Forest is one of the most beautiful and most visited region of Germany. So-called because of the general dark color of the pine trees that grow here.

Visiting this region has been in our Bucket List for ages but never got into doing. Well, we are bracing ourselves now because it won’t only be a once-in-a-lifetime visit, it’s actually becoming a place for weekend retreats and Charlie’s walks as it’s darn too close to where we live we even get to do our groceries here! Oh it’s so much fun shopping for food in Germany, a fantastic country, so wealthy and high tech and yet, very much old-fashioned in many ways…

We promised ourselves to do a thorough exploration of the charming towns and villages, vineyards, castle ruins, great food and staggering sceneries and hiking paths that the Schwarzwald (Black Forest in English) is famous for, during the period that we live next door, which is in Alsace, and for every opportunity  we get which are the weekends.

The place we visited this Sunday is that of Buhlertal, a Winter Wonderland postcard beauty that we felt Christmas hasn’t left this lovely village yet. Awesome!


The drive towards the Black Forest, as you can see the silhouette of its mountains in the background.









A lovely lunch of beef goulash with potato dumplings in strong red wine sauce and lashings of Riesling wine, the waitress sporting the German costume, what a great German experience (which is now occupying our weekends!)



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