Autumn Bounty – Part 2

Zala, Hungary


Mushroom hunting, chestnut foraging, walnut and fruit picking.. these are just few of the many exciting benefits we gain by walking Charlie the dog every morning.

He entered our lives at the beginning of Spring this year and since then, we made it a point to walk him everyday, come rain or shine or strong winds. We walk along hills, forests, open fields and parks. It’s a very addicting habit. We like the walking exercise and communing with Nature is very therapeutic.

But more than reading from a book or learning from a classroom, we are so privileged to observe firsthand all the stages of Nature, for instance, the tree. From the moment they start re-growing leaves at Springtime, to the blooming of flowers, their transformation into fruits, up to maturity until Mother Nature (rain and wind) drops them freely into the ground, ready for the picking. And the beauty of it is, we, as passers-by, get the benefit of this delicious bounty, almost unlimited that we have to say “Stop!” when our bags get so full and heavy. And Charlie? He voraciously munches all the walnuts he sees on the ground non-stop that we have to pull his leash, lest he gets sick of overeating!

Nevertheless, it’s been highly satisfactory for the three of us, thanks to Charlie|

hunting for mushroom has never been this easy..


like a telephone directory

my bag is full but there are mushrooms as far as the eye can see..

like a beach umbrella

Five kilos, more or less.  I already cooked them as mushroom sauce and mushroom soup, packed in serving sizes on the freezer.

My umbrella, which is used mainly for clearing the leaves rather than as cover from the rain

Pine cones, great as Christmas decors

It’s been raining and windy all night and this is what we saw this morning – chestnuts fallen on the ground.

The rule is – one does not pick chestnuts from the tree, only off the ground. In fact they are only ripe after they have fallen…

Walnuts, too, just dropping on the ground.

The two containers of walnuts on the right were picked up this morning. The one on the left, the other day.
Those are eggs to show size of some walnuts. Few chestnuts next to the bowl.

And these are the walnuts picked up last week.

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