Tour America, Day 1 – New York

No commentaries, friends, as I am posting these photos as we travel. Please enjoy the images of America!

View above from our breakfast table

Parking, New York style

A New York icon, the yellow cabs!

Another equally New York icon – that became so after the 9/11 attack – is the NYFD

United States Post Office (New York)

I am hearing the tv series “Law and Order” music playing in the background!

Greenwich Village

A lot of Kim Kardashians are found here.

9/11 Memorial


Another New York icon – these fire escape stairs

Empire State Building in the background

The miracle tree, the only tree that survived from the Twin Tower attack of 9/11

At last, I finally saw the Bull of Wall Street, in real life!

New York at night

New York at night

Charlie’s Travels

“But I haven’t even travelled that many countries in such a short time!”, so says S, my sister-in-law when told about Charlie’s trips to five countries in less than four weeks.

Indeed, he is starting to become one of the most-travelled pets! He is lucky, as some of our friends say, but we are also lucky for having him. He has brought so much laughter and calmness to our otherwise very-stressful and busy life. We are also becoming fitter each day and are constantly in awe as the three of us continue to tread paths we’ve never been before -.endlessly fascinated at the beauty of the world around us. Thanks, Charlie, for these walks. You are changing our life for the better!

Getting ready for summer camping – with Charlie!

Neighbourhood dogs gawking at Charlie as he passes by for his walk.
Tiniest dog: Why do they take him for a walk every morning while we are stuck here behind this fence all the time.
Fattest dog: Don’t know. Maybe he knows the tricks of the trade.

Our last walk before we left Hungary.

Camping on the Croatian coastal village of Pomer.

Morning walk in the campsite

The seering heat in that part of Croatia had us stopping for drinks every now and then.

To help Charlie cool off, we had to teach him how to swim, but he doesn’t like the water!

Papa: “Come on Charlie, swim towards me!”

But he would rather watch the swimmers.

He is friendly with dogs, like this one we met on the boat going to some island.

It’s his first ride on a boat.  Glad he didn’t get seasick!

 Charlie seems to be oblivious at the historic monument behind him.
This 1st century A.D. ruins of the Pula Colosseum is one of the six most well preserved  in the world…@ Pula, Croatia

Charlie is a good dog really.  We can enjoy a good cup of coffee in a beautiful setting like this while he lay curled up under the table.


 Before we left Pula, we thought of making a good souvenir photo that we could enlarge and display right above his bed at home.


We spent the night at the foot of Mont Blanc on our way home to France, What a lovely feeling waking up to this staggering view!

During the more than 1,000 km journey from Hungary to France, Charlie was always sleeping.

But we  had to get down at motorway stops regularly for  some needed stretching..

Wonder why he’s afraid to drink from the dog fountain!

At home, we continued with our daily walks. Charlie gets excited everytime he meets creatures he had never seen this ostrich.

He just stood there, these horses look so strange to him.

We are also getting hooked on forest hiking…

I love it when he gets so attentive on the road, but of course, after few minutes,  he falls asleep.

He enjoys walking in pet-friendly French roads.  This street is named “Road to the Castle”…(Rue du Chateau)…but the castle is long gone..

And how he loves his comfort!