America Tour, Day 4 – Washington DC


Must be a pre-wedding photoshoot for these lovers at the foot of Capitol Hill

 Dome of the Capitol building covered with scaffolding


Jefferson Memorial

Pentagon City

America’s most-loved president, Franklin D Roosevelt designed his own wheelchair.
With the aid of reporters and photographers, he managed to keep his disability secret to the world.

Guess which building is that!

The White House up close

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Statue infront of Capitol Hill

Washington DC Public Library


Lincoln Memorial

The Pentagon Building

Statue at the Korean War Memorial

Washington Memorial

You can sit at Albert Einstein’s lap at the National Academy of Sciences

The Great Depression bread line at the Roosevelt Memorial

Steps of the Capitol Building

Where US dollar bills are printed

There are three airports around Washington DC so its skies are busy with flying aircraft every few minutes…

Skyline of Arlington, Virginia as seen from Washington DC

Encounter with a squirrel

Arlington Cemetery. Located in Virginia but only across the Potomac river from DC..

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