Tour America, Day 2 – New York & Statue of Liberty

View from our hotel window. We are in the Flower District and the entire road is continuously busy with flower shoppers

The Statue of Liberty as seen from the boat

The cupcake shop made famous by Carrie in Sex and the City

The New York Police seems to be very busy all the time

No sitting on the fire hydrant

The tow truck on duty

Seeing these New York fire escape stairs remind me of the movie, Pretty Woman,
when Richard Gerre climbed them up to reach Julia Roberts from her apartment window…
how romantic!

Central Park

What I like about New York is — it has some European feel in it

Kingkong is long gone but the Empire State Building still stands

No glass, no saucer to put this slice of lemon when I’m finished sucking it….
so could you tell me please what is the proper way of drinking this beer?
Do I down it with the lemon at the same time or…?

Wanted to try the New York strip steak grill and I love it! But why do I have to cut it with a kitchen knife? (too big!)

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