America Tour, Day 8 – Visit to the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio

We flew to Ohio just to visit the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, but I tell you, it’s all worth it!  One day was not enough to take in all the information about aircrafts, missiles and the history of wars that America played a part of.

Aircraft display outside the Museum

Miniature model of the first plane invented by the Wright Brothers of Dayton, Ohio

One of the planes used by Kamikaze pilots. Kamikazes are the suicide attacks by military aviators of the Japanese Empire

Captured German aircraft that served in the Luftwaffe (aerial bombing of cities) in World War 2

Codenamed the Fat Man, that yellow thing is a replica of the atomic bomb that bombed Nagasaki which ended World War 2


The plane that dropped the atomic bomb over Nagasaki

Considered as a national aviation treasure and widely recognized as a symbol of American bravery and heroism during World War II, the “Memphis Belle” is the first aircraft to complete 25 successful bombing missions in Europe with all of its crew-members intact.

A Soviet surface-to-air missile used in shooting down USAF aircrafts


Guided bombs. The one in the middle, GBU-8 Electro-Optical Guided Bomb (EOGB), was first used during the Vietnam war.
It has a composite of a 2,000 pound bomb and a Television Guidance and Control Kit.


And below are parts of the Exhibit honoring the Airmen who defended the Bataan Peninsula against the Japanese and who later suffered in the Bataan Death March during World War II.

America Tour, Day 5 – Chattanooga, Tennessee

From Washington DC, we flew to Atlanta (Georgia) where we were picked up from the airport by my cousin and her husband to take us to their home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It’s a 2.5 hours drive to Chattanooga and boy, the traffic was bumper to bumper.

The evidence of Atlanta being the site of the Olympic Games in 1996 just sits along the highway.  

Atlanta is eternally proud of its sporting past

Atlanta’s skyrise

Whoah, for the first time I am seeing a real State Trooper!  (This is no TV and nor movie image.)

  Chattanooga National Cemetery


Houses by the Chattanooga lake

I am having a fascination in photographing plate numbers!

Another banner that caught our attention is this.  Google headquarters is relocating to Bridgeport, Tennessee!

A flowered cemetery – interesting!

America Tour, Day 4 – Washington DC


Must be a pre-wedding photoshoot for these lovers at the foot of Capitol Hill

 Dome of the Capitol building covered with scaffolding


Jefferson Memorial

Pentagon City

America’s most-loved president, Franklin D Roosevelt designed his own wheelchair.
With the aid of reporters and photographers, he managed to keep his disability secret to the world.

Guess which building is that!

The White House up close

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Statue infront of Capitol Hill

Washington DC Public Library


Lincoln Memorial

The Pentagon Building

Statue at the Korean War Memorial

Washington Memorial

You can sit at Albert Einstein’s lap at the National Academy of Sciences

The Great Depression bread line at the Roosevelt Memorial

Steps of the Capitol Building

Where US dollar bills are printed

There are three airports around Washington DC so its skies are busy with flying aircraft every few minutes…

Skyline of Arlington, Virginia as seen from Washington DC

Encounter with a squirrel

Arlington Cemetery. Located in Virginia but only across the Potomac river from DC..

Tour America, Day 3 – Off to Washington DC

Security police at a train station we passed by

Taking an American legend, the Amtrak.
From New York, it only takes 3.5 hours to reach Washington DC crossing through New Jersey, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

The grandiose interior of Union Station (1907) – Washington DC’s main train terminal.

You can put your best foot forward at the most-talked about Union Station Shoe Shine.

Union Station’s front arcade – I thought I was in Italy!

Washington DC Post Office’s engraved verse about the men and women of the postal service.

Ladies on a night out

We noticed a proliferation of security people in the city, wearing different outfits according to the agency they come from.


Did I tell you that there’s a lot of Kim Kardashians here?

Chinatown district

National Portrait Gallery

a very cool restaurant menu….