Budapest: What the tourists don’t see

“I will show you the  most romantic part of the Danube that the tourists don’t see,” remarked the lady manager of the hotel  when I asked how to get to the river described in as 500 meters from the property.  We don’t see any signs of bridges that would direct us to the Duna (“Danube” in Hungarian) and the  farms and industrial zone bordering the hotel don’t give any indication that a body of water is nearby.  She promised to take us after dinner.  It’s 7pm but the sun is still up so we were looking forward to seeing the surrounding area of Csepel, the 21st district of Budapest, where our hotel is located.

Yes, we are back in Budapest for our 2nd dental session (the first one took place in January), but this time with  Charlie  so we made sure our accommodation, at least for the first night as we are dropping him at the Kennel tomorrow, is pet-friendly and has some green grounds to walk around.


Early on, as we couldn’t find the Duna, we settled for a farm nearby, which  was a good choice because it was like going on a nature walk.

Walking Charlie is like going on an educational tour, like guessing every fruit hanging from a tree.  A walnut or an almond?

It’s only by poking inside that you find out what it is – a walnut!

And this is where zucchini comes from!

 The green fields that resemble the tulip fields of Keukenhoef in The Netherlands

Wheatbales which is a favorite photo subject

 Barley.  I find the symmetry so photogenic.

Finally, we saw her favorite spot, what she says “guaranteed to be a romantic place” – this part of the Danube that seems to be untouched by civilization, still a marshland where swimming is prohibited but so popular among lovers .  But we must have driven 5 kilometers of road instead of 500 meters.  She got lost, too, as we saw her asking a number of people on the highway for directions.  It was very kind of her to drive all the way here despite the strenuous job of running the hotel and restaurant.  Our impression of the Hungarians as a helpful people is proven correct by this lady.   I forgot to ask her name but I highly recommend the Micofogado Hotel in Csepel.  At 30euros a night, she did not charge extra for Charlie and parking is free, which is non-existent in the middle of the city.

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