Charlie’s walk in Slovenia



We needed to withdraw euros and the closest Eurozone to us is Slovenia just 15-minute drive across the border.  Since Charlie already holds a dog passport, he can now travel outside of Hungary  hence we thought we could incorporate two things together – take him for his morning walk  and find a hole in the wall to get the euros – in Lendava, Slovenia.

Lendava, the nearest town, is not only picturesque, it also has interesting architecture and  home to a handful of  ATM machines so it’s the perfect first out-of-the country trip for Charlie, really.

Now let’s go exploring –

Welcome to Slovenia (or Slovenija in their language).

The area around Lendava is covered in vineyards and declared as a wine route.

Just like other Catholic countries in Europe, you see shrines or image of the Cross at village entraces.

We found the perfect walking path – this route to the vineyards.

Just like in the Zala where we live, there are also wine houses for the Slovenian vineyard owners to rest while working in the fields, except that they are bigger…

.. and most of them restored to “vacation home” comfort..

Cherry trees along the route make the landscape look like paradise

The vineyards – we will definitely come back to see them heavy with grapes!

After that lovely walk with Charlie, it was time to hit Lendava – almost a postcard beauty

Found an ATM machine just next to this outdoor cafè.  Pallet furniture is a growing trend anywhere we went.

  For a lovely walk of the day, we  had to thank Charlie for making it possible so it’s only fitting to reward him with a chew stick.  We do these daily morning walks for him and it doesn’t only give us a chance to explore beautiful places, it also gets us moving and keeps our fitness level on high.
Köszönöm, Charlie! (Thanks in Hungarian)


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