Street Photography: Rome


Seminar done, it’s time to go sightseeing!

A very chestnut-ty atmosphere

Jack and the Headless Gang

Happy Hour!

Pilgrim tourists in Piazza Navona

Smile!  You’re on camera!

Night out

A wedding car and the Godfather’s proxy (?)

A Photoshoot in Piazza Santa Maria di Trastevere


Doorways are also charming places to catch up with friends

Say Cheese!

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

Happy hour(2)

Oh.oh…getting inside churches in Rome requires you to dress decently, otherwise, you will be obliged to wear these funny wraps!


Out of service

Rome’s famous keyhole

I am in Rome for a very important errand – which is great as I have an excuse to plan a thorough photo exploration of the Eternal City. But wait, I have only one week and it’s not enough, what with its 900 churches and seven hills and nine districts! I have done the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain before so I’m going to skip them and do the real Rome this time – the roads,  squares and monuments less-travelled plus few of the top churches that came out on google search.  I think I am going to do some Basilica- or church-hopping, after all, this is the City where Pilgrims come and go.

But first, I would like to scream that Rome is blowing me away!
One doesn’t need to go inside museums because the streets and the many  3,000 year old monuments scattered around are already museum pieces. Everytime I walk a step, my mind takes me to that time when the Romans used to live here. They definitely built a GLORIOUS city like no other.

I have taken loads of photos already and intend to do thousands more, but let me categorize them in themes so as not to overwhelm you, dear readers.

Let me start with the image that I have heard so much about, hence, I have put it on top of my list of destinations, even if it means walking kilometers up the Aventino Hill (Metro:  Circo Massimo)

Three nations in a keyhole
I am standing in ROME,
looking through the garden path of the sovereign HQ of the Knights of MALTA
and straight to St Peter’s Basililica in the VATICAN….. cool!

This is the facade of the gate where that famous keyhole is –

the keyhole

This spot has become quite famous that you have to queue up for your turn.
Right, you guessed it, my trigger-happy finger cannot seem to stop shooting now!

A very busy man’s birthday wishes are granted

He works to solve the problems of global organizations and that involves living in a suitcase all the time, he deals with problematic management where deadlines, cutting down budgets and troubleshooting are the name of the game, he lives a life of stress and endless travelling, and now that he is celebrating a landmark birthday, he only wishes the simple things in life….and he got them.

Happy birthday, my dear H! May you have long, long years of healthy life … so we can keep on travelling and enjoying the beauty of this world together.

Communion with nature and having a good time with friends

– re-discovering the science of Archimedes, a Siracusan by birth

– getting to know again the creatures of the ocean

– delighting in simple but great food and wine

– touring Ortigia, the old town where we live, by boat