Sicily, the land of the Fiat 500

Okay, I should have written, “Italy, the land of the Fiat 500″ but believe me, it’s only in Sicily where I have seen the highest number of these unbelievably cute little cars plying the roads!

And I said “unbelievably cute” that they always make me grab my camera to take a shot of them, even from our moving vehicle!

It is old yet it is classic, and it is H’s dream to have one, actually!  Hope we could stumble upon one For Sale, then our Sicilian existence would be complete….

The chrome bumper is a gentle knock-out…

They come in delicious colours..


and baby-ishly handsome faces..

Parking is a breeze, especially on Italy’s narrow roads!

 An elegant sunroof

..or roof rack for travellers, no place for the suitcases otherwise..

but despite old age, rust, bumps, flat tires…they are very much sought-after

Truly a car to die for…


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