Home Sweet Home

Yes, we’re back on this island to finally pursue our long-time dream to relocate to Italy. Very soon, we shall be moving to our apartment somewhere, but meanwhile, enjoy the colours of Gioiosa Marea in Northern Sicily.

A picture-postcard beauty..


The beach season has began!


The wooden shuttered window , how creative they were in those days..


Since it’s Saturday, passeggiata is also done before lunch here in Gioiosa Marea.

Couldn’t resist the temptation of taking this photo of an artificial flower vase!

The tourist season has started, this bar will be filled up soon!

This island is truly exotic!

For those who are not interested in gardening, just let nature takes it course! It works!

Even the flowers of weeds are staggeringly beautiful!


Olive blossoms….
yes, this is the olive branch which symbolizes peace, and the soon-to-be olive fruits which is the fruit of life

Of course, no trip to Gioiosa Marea is complete without having our favorite (pre-lunch) apperitivo.
Every single nibble you see here is done with gastronomic flare – only in Sicily!

Up close…..guess how much we paid for this includng the two bottles of Messina beer…..3.60euros, incredible!


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