The hamlet of Moreri Sopreni

A cluster of dozen houses set in the middle of olive trees, giant cacti, orange trees and a staggering view of the soft, blue Tyrrhenian Sea, that’s the hamlet of Moreri Sopreni which we went exploring  today.

We love going to the beach to marvel at the seascape and go beachcombing but nothing melts our hearts more strongly than the sight of  rural villages and mindblowing vegetation.  So far, where we are staying on the Northeastern side of the island , all we see  are faceless apartments, modern houses and holiday resorts but it’s only when we  drive into the hills or mountains that we see the real soul of Sicilia!


The sight of oranges and lemons around Sicily makes me cry with delight!


And in the middle of my pastoral exploration, I  suddenly heard trampling noises.
Its a herd of udder-heavy cattles going home

“When are you going to milk them?” – I ask the boy in my broken Italian
“Dopodomani” (after tomorrow) – he answered



Eating is such joy in Sicily

They are called ‘capuccino’ as they resemble the colour of the Capuccini monks’ robe

This square of Focaccia pizza, kindly sliced by the waitress and which was shared between H and me, was perfect in staving off our hunger after the long drive to Messina

Probably the most delicious gelato I have ever tasted!


A glass of Negroni, perfect aperitivo for a Saturday afternoon

A glass of negroni and this plate of mixed finger foods to titillate the stomach before the grand meal….. that is what I adore about Italy!

Espada pasta, uhmmmm… deliciously good up to the last bite!

H’s seashell pasta…he ate it all when I remembered to photograph

While waiting for your order, bread sticks (grissini) and bread are served on the table and it’s perfectly acceptable to mess up the tablecoth with your crumbs

The gardens of Montagnareale

“Montagnareale”, which translates to Royal mountain in English, is a hilltop village of 1,800 inhabitants just few kilometers from where we are staying. It was recommended to us by Salvi (our landlord) as a nice place to visit and indeed we were not disappointed especially that the gardens comprising of divine-looking lemons, oranges and Spring flowers made us almost scream with  delight!


They paint the trunks of citrus trees white (mixed with latex)
to prevent them from pests that tend to burrow into the tree to escape the winter cold


Sicily: San Marco d’Alunzio

We were driving back from Sant’Agatha di Millitello to home when we noticed a large enough town perched dangerously up a distant hill that we decided to go and explore it. It is so high up (researched later that it is more than 900 meters above sea level!) that I was starting to develop vertigo midway to our climb!

The town is called San Marco d’Alunzio, founded by the Greeks in the 5th century BC and later occupied by the Romans.

We saw only about three churches out of the twenty-two that dot this historic town but we promised to return and spend a whole day just taking in the sights!

The town is practically entirely paved in marble which is quarried at the same mountain it is standing in!


This rose plant is unbelievably covered with roses that I had to ask this lady if they are real!