Let’s go window shopping!

Christmas is just around the corner so I’ll take you to a window shopping adventure like you’ve never done before –   from the comfort of your seat – through…..what else, Facebook!

This will hopefully give you some ideas on what to shop for your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, children, neigh bours, other loved ones and the not-so loved ones.

This will just be the first of a series of albums that I’ll be posting up to Christmas. Hence, relax, enjoy and if you wish that I buy you the product of your choice, I am just an FB message away!

Note: Some photos are blurred as camera used was already aching to retire.


First, let me introduce to you a legendary shopping center in Paris, a place that has now become a tourist attraction not only for its high quality luxury items but also for its 100-year old Art Nouveau glass dome.

Marine-themed jewelry for the missus

Umbrella for a lady who doesn’t really want to carry one because she finds it unglamorous.

You will be inspired to cover your coffee mug with this mug cover.

Alligator tongs for your mother in law and hopefully she won’t be able to understand your intentions.

Just one of those chic places to buy handbags and purses.

This oldest trunk maker in Paris, E Goyard, does not only sell elegant travel bags, they also specialize in chic pet accessories.
It’s the perfect place to buy a golden leash for your puppy.


Postcards for the postman, why not?


Macaroons, the overly hyped pastry in France. It is very very expensive so recipient must really deserve it.

Not too easy window-shopping in Place Vendome because of the black-suited guards so I just took this photo from a distance.

For the quirky aspiring chef of your household

Of course, it’s still better – and more romantic – to do your window shopping with your partner

But If you want to surprise him, nothing is stopping you..

People Photography… Paris

My favorite subject of all time – People!

And where’s the best place to scout for them than in one of the most visited cities in the world….

Note:  I added my own captions to give each photo a story.




Man: Post it right away on Facebook!
Woman: But there’s no signal here!

Woman: Oh I am the happiest woman on earth this moment, honey! Thanks for bringing me to Paris….

Man: Paris is more romantic with a drizzle.  And this umbrella makes us closer to each other..

Baby: Mom, this is unfair. I can only see stuff going backward..(caption supplied by JKS)

Woman: We’ve waited forty years before our Eiffel Tower pose dream came true…
Man: But there goes our retirement money!


Girl: Let’s go to Louis Vuitton next, okay? (judging by the branded shopping bag on the bench)

Girl in blue: I’ll be the next! I’d like to send it to my ex…hoping that we kiss and make up!

Woman: Honey, will you love me forever?

Boy: This is the perfect place to do  people-watching! Tourists or Parisians, this is where they come shopping!
Girl: Is it okay to hang around here? Won’t the gendarmes shoo us away?
Boy: No problem! they are more on the lookout for suspicious characters. Jewelry-robbery in broad daylight is rampant here!

Hmmm…. that’s a good posing idea for Facebook!

Tourists vs Parisians

iPhone or Samsung? And the better shot goes to..

Levitating man:  “Don’t get too close to me, little girl. I might fall … then they will find out that I am sitting on a protruding metal plate….”

Man whispering to himself:  Great! I’ll be on the Business headline of South Korean Daily tomorrow!

Huh! no more battery! what the !?*&µ!!!

Lady far left:  (This is not working!  He still prefers looking at other women!)

Woman: Oopppsss… your lips are smudged with my lipstick. You look funny there! We can’t post that on Facebook! Let’s try again…

Feast your eyes on Nice… in the South of France

After spending few days at home in the Alpes-Maritimes, it’s time to go back to Paris.
Arriving in Nice where I am catching the fast train, I couldn’t resist the sight around me!

Lugging my heavy suitcase filled with cheeses, Italian pasta, dried sausages and all,
I kept stopping every few meters to take photos of this colourful town,
the second most visited place in France, after Paris.

Avenue Jean Medecin is the main artery of Nice.
It becomes a pedestrian lane on Sundays which makes it very convivial to amble around
with friends and do window shopping…

 The statue of Apollo in all his naked glory, in Place Massena, is a favorite rendezvous point.

Typical in the south of France are wooden shutter windows, colorful facades and tromphe l’oeils.
Here, the baluster paintings below the windows added elegance to the buildings..

Nice is a good place to shop for souvenirs.
I think these are plastic bag dispensers in the form of dolls wearing the colours of Provence..

The colours of Provence take after the sights and flavours of the region such as the turquoise blue Mediterranean sea,
the ever shining sun, olives, lavenders, grapes, etc. These are tablecloths – in either cotton or plastic – which are so popular
as eating al Fresco in the garden is a lifestyle, hence outdoor table presentation is very important.

This as souvenir will definitely remind you of Provence every day…

The colours of Nice. Notice the strong similarity with Italian buildings.
Nice used to be part of Italy but was ceded to France as part of war reparations.

The 17th century Baroque-style Lascaris Palace, now a museum.

Time to scout for a restaurant for these amblers..

Stopping for ice cream

La pieta inside Nice Cathedral

The Baroque interior of Nice Cathedral is mind blowing!

The terra cotta is a  very popular colour of house facades in this region of France and extends all the way to Italy

A restaurant


In the summer, this square infront of Nice Cathedral gets very busy with tourists from around the world…


Lost in Art translation

November is Month of Photography in Paris and I was thinking of submitting this photo for an exhibition.  But I was hesitant.  Is it good enough for a photo exhibition or not?  So in order to help me with my dilemma I asked my friends their thoughts.



Draft title:  Parking


Not long after, I received mixed comments.   Some  were “FOR”.  Some said “Hmmm… you have better photos…” .

I explained that in a Photo Exhibition, the entries are usually strange, sometimes weird, the meaning goes very deep, the relevance is not obvious.  And there is usually an element of mystery.


The next day, I went to the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris and saw this display of bricks on a bicycle.  So I went back to my friends and said:

“Voila!  Here is an example of what I meant about Art as sometimes strange, weird, etc etc…

It is an entry by a Brasilian artist for the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) going on in Paris right now.

The title of the work: “Clay bricks, Metal bicycle”


Now, now, I have been staring at the thing for what seemed to be ages but I really cannot come out with any interpretation.

Balance? Harmony?

So as soon as I got home I searched the FIAC site and at last, found the artist’s explanation of the art.

” Héctor Zamora was born in 1974 in Mexico. He lives and works in Sao Paulo.

The bicycle is a mode of transport that is fundamentally mechanical, inspired by a child’s first steps, and relative to the laws of movement and balance.

Here, the movement that creates balance is deceived by an ingenious device, which suspends motion in the air.
Héctor Zamora observes the astute and convenient maneuvers of workers’ activity, adds a Latin-American twist and transforms them into a portrait.

Workers, dynamics, and ideas of modular matter are recurrent motifs in the work of the Mexican artist, who discovers, in trivial, standard elements, the essence of movement.

Stacked and tenuous, the disposition of the modular red bricks destined for construction, suggest a solid edifice, nonetheless placed on an unstable vehicule, itself balanced on inflatable foundations.

Above the rubber tubes, supported by the immobile bicycle, rests the weight of a delirious composition of progress: Brazil.”



Hmmm… Now I understand.  He’s right.  And it takes a Brazilian to understand what he is trying to express here.

Here is another FIAC entry last year.  Again, it would be very interesting to know its meaning but I leave you to find out.

A few days later, I got my “Parking” photograph enlarged and framed, ready for submission to the Art Director.  And you know what?  I actually find it very nice beneath the glass.  Well, I’ll wait and see what happens!