We Are Born Artists, It Isn’t a Question of Talent


Today, I took that one step beyond the bounds of what I always thought as a personal “no-entry” zone to painting. Why? Simply because I didn’t think I had talent at all, much less the ability to draw perfect lines and curves. But one thing is certain in my mind. That life is short and I’ve got to get the most out of it!


It was my first time to attend a drawing and painting class and after two hours listening and seeing the samples shown by our teacher, I finally created something I  can be proud of.  I know it’s not the best but it’s quite fulfilling seeing the result of my own work. No photographs, no stencils, no tracing paper……just drawn and painted free hand!

Indeed it got me so excited that I framed it right away and is now adorning the wall of our sitting room!1236818_4639970335802_1849298908_n
All the paintings of the whole class compiled together. Mine is the one with the two red arrows.  It’s interesting to note that each individual interprets the same scene in  different ways.


My painting


— at Leicester Adult Education College.

Paris Design Week 2013

Caught the last few days of the Paris Design Week (PDW) just when I was leaving the Capital last week.

PDW is an annual event where upcoming product designers from all over the world are able to showcase their work to the international stage. I read on the British paper that London, too, is holding the same event at the same time. So for those of you who has a masterpiece that you feel you can showcase, there is always a next year.  This is your chance to get recognized.

Tower grater, anyone?

Tongue that shoe!….. by Chaussepied and Périer

Lovers in the laundry…by Atypyk

pastry tray

Paris Birthday Walk….in Black and White (2)

 Continued from Paris Birthday Walk (1)

They call it “the building inside-out” – George Pompidou Center in rue Beaubourg

The city of Romance enchants couples of all ages.

Rue de Montmorency, a medieval street where the oldest house in Paris stands.  Which one?  What else but the Auberge Nicolas Flamel where H and I had enjoyed a gastronomic birthday dinner.

Last minute search for souvenirs.  I prefer the Robert Doisneau photo!

The rotating laser light of the Eiffel Tower seen flashing in the evening sky of Paris.

This is the place to find inspiration.

rue St André des Arts

A tourist must-do…..

Pont de l’Archevêché

A mannekin and an old sewing machine for a restaurant facade display.
The owner must be an ex-couturier…

Fontaine Saint-Michel

It’s not really a “library” but a bookshop.  In French, a bookshop translates to “Librairie“.

Poor bicycle – converted into a rubbish bin!