A Walk along the National Space Center, Leicester, UK

Did you know?
– That the Beagle 2 Mars spacecraft was controlled from the National Space Centre’s Landing Operations Control Centre.

Trivia :
Beagle 2 was an unsuccessful British landing spacecraft that formed part of the European Space Agency’s 2003 Mars Express mission. It is not known for certain that the lander reached the Martian surface; all contact with it was lost upon its separation from the Mars Express six days before its scheduled entry into the atmosphere. It may have missed Mars altogether, skipped off the atmosphere and entered an orbit around the sun, or burned up during its descent. If it reached the surface, it may have hit too hard or just simply failed to contact Earth due to a minor fault….wikipedia


It may be in the shape of a bumble bee but this centre’s 42m high tower is the only known building in the world to house upright rockets indoors