That British Eccentricity – The Pub


It’s our 3rd day as official British residents and H’s 1st day at work so we decided to celebrate this double whammy by having dinner in a  pub.   One of the great delights of this country is going to a PUB, which in the early days are called PUBLIC HOUSES as opposed to PRIVATE HOUSES.


The Pub is the heart of British-ness as this is the place to be, regardless of the weather.  If you live in a village, the local pub is the watering hole of not only the men who come for a drink and chat but also for the whole family as food and sometimes games, have also been added to the fare.


Personally, I love going to the pub not so much for the food, as half of the time you get utterly disappointed by the lack of taste, but more so,  to marvel at their interior decorations.  It’s the sort of place where you could easily feel you are drinking inside a museum of everything, where antique bric a bracs are mixed up and hung together on the ceiling or the walls and they would still look fantastic!  Even the garden displays are something worth emulating at home for they inspire and tickle the senses.

Without much further ado, here is a look of the pub we went to tonight.


There must be hundreds of kettles of all shapes and sizes hanging on the ceiling!  H has started a collection at home so we can easily do a similar thing!

A filler on an otherwise bare roof – the Blues Brothers statues of Dan Aykroid and Jim Belushi

A pot garden in the courtyard – lovely!

Every single space of the ceiling on this side are filled up with uniform object!

But look!  What is this?  A coffin being used as a dining table!

Is this recycled?  I hope so:  For coffins are quite expensive and buying a brand new one could make a big dent to the budget!