Airole, Italia


After waiting patiently for two weeks, the van was finally given the “all clear” by the mechanic so we were absolutely thrilled to pick it up and immediately scheduled our trip to Hungary the following day.  But just as soon as we have finished loading the van and all our bags ready that we read the news about the blizzard hitting the country the same day we arrive – so  we had to painfully call off our departure once again! 

So it has been an endless waiting game for us:  biting nails, pulling hairs, just the right recipe for complete boredom!  And we must fight it and keep on enjoying life.  How?  Go on a Sightseeing Mode!


(Airole is one of the 16 villages that comprise the Routes of Flavours and Colours of Italian Liguria.)

This is not the first time we are visiting this lovely village of Italy. We just love it so much that we have to have our Airolean fix every few months or….. to put it simply, every change of season!

After parking the car at the village entrance, this is what we noticed right away.  It’s not an ATM machine.  It’s a water dispenser where one can get water using his own container,  the principal aim of which is  to rid the planet of plastic bottles for a greener environment. The choice is between Chilled, Natural or Gaseous…..just press the button and voila!

As in any typical Italian town, city or village, a shrine of a saint is always around…this one is of the Virgin Mary.


Biblio is short for Biblioteca, library in Italian.


The village’s main piazza is also considered as the public Living Room as it is the place where everybody – locals and tourists alike – love to hang out with a glass of chilled beer, wine or apperitivo served by the open-air restaurant next door.

These are the high rise apartments surrounding the piazza 

The increasing population of Airole necessitates constant changing of house numbers which confuses the heck out of postmen.  Luckily, they have a neat way of doing it…

This snack bar has seemingly just recently been inaugurated as shown by the pot of flowers with golden ribbons, plus the brand-new looking signage.  Good luck to the owner!


What a view!


A couple of meters away, this orangey view just looks awesome!


And walking a bit further, this mimosa view is just mind-blowing!

I just can’t get enough of these mimosas!



The village in full view, with the railway tunnel peeking at the bottom.

This is Marco, the neighbourhood’s bandit dog, greeting us with a sniff!

A cellar well stacked of logs for the winter

Airole is where rocks and stone steps meet and join as one


We reached  the edge of the village where we came upon this  church guarding the cemetery

With a car park bordered by olive trees

And this is the entrance  to the departed’s final resting place..



And flowers to welcome the visitor

As well as reminder that Airole observes a green environment

We continued our sightseeing in the cemetery.  I couldn’t resist touching  the material of this tomb, wanting to make sure it is not a bathtub or something…

Tombs – vertical, horizontal….




Then we made our way out,  got carried away with all the exploring that we suddenly found ourselves walking on terraced olive groves…

And along private backyards bulging with lemon trees

We terminated our walk by marveling at the sight of  the Roya river, the railway tracks and the Alps mountains (some snowcapped) in the background.


What a great way to make our heart go beating again – Ahhhh…Italia!


– o – o – o – o –

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