Menton’s Lemon Festival

It was the 80th Fête du Citron (Lemon Festival) in Menton so not surprisingly, this year’s Theme was “Around the World in 80 Days: Menton, the secret stopover“.

Sculptures of everything citrus – like this grandfather’s clock at a supermarket entrance  – were on display all around town. ..

On closer look, youI could see that these fruits are secured on wire mess by rubber bands.  Menton used one million rubber bands to create all these sculptures for the three-week festival.

Nearly all restaurants and other business establishments have decorated their facades with everything citrus.

This is the facade of the Lemon Exhibition Grounds showing the icons of travel which I presume was circa 1900s because of the steam train in the middle.


…..the world’s most famous sites, a hot air balloon, the face of a clock …

Zooming in for the train’s wheels

The vegetal and lemony hot air balloon!

Menton is the citrus capital of France so  most streets lined up with citrus bearing trees.  They get heavy with fruits  around January…


Another sculpture, London’s Big Ben.

The Big Ben up close

And New York’s Grand Lady…in lemons

Everybody cooperated to make the annual festival a success  by putting their own citrus display.

More lemons a-hiding in every corner, too.

A heart of lemons could also look awesome!

Even bookshops take out all their lemon books and publications!

Noticeable are the citrus decorations on every restaurant


It’s like there is a lemon display competition going on..

Very welcoming for dining customers

Lemon display for shops, too!

Everywhere you look, it’s raining lemons!


 Lemons are widely versatile: they even look good in a tall platter!

So even the fashion trend is Lemon

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

But one day, barely a week after the Festival was over, we saw  these same lemons and oranges being loaded on skips!

And the steam train and the whole facade of the Exhibition Grounds were stripped off its yellow and orange fruities!

And only this citrus vendor remains!

Till next year, the 81st Fete du Citron, see you then!

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