Theme: Umbrella (Part 2)


I have featured the Umbrella before as a Theme but I just like it so much that I am posting here a Part Two!

It’s been raining continuously in Paris but even then, the colourful array of umbrellas on the streets still make the capital very photogenic, mysterious and romantic.  Just rightly so that it was Valentine’s Day when I was doing my photoscouting that I couldn’t help but notice the people under these brollies and I thought they could make a great post for this rainy season.


 The lovelocks of Pont de l’Archevêché
makes a perfect backdrop for the brolly-totting romantics

Come rain or shine, these Salvador Dali followers will not let the weather stop them from visiting the works of the most strange personality of all time.
Centre Pompidou

A macaroon stopover is always a welcome respite when it’s raining in all might..

The umbrella is also a great fashion statement

When it’s raining, this skating rink infront of the Hotel de Ville gets deserted and it becomes a perfect spot for those in search of white tranquility.

These umbrella girls just wanna have fun!

With these rain protectors, a grey street is suddenly transformed into a colourful parading lane

Without the black brolly on the right, this scene would not appear as mysterious

An umbrella, a bicycle and a colourful shop facade – voila! a good setting for a film..

It’s a BLUE day in Paris

A golden umbrella next to a galden macaroon vitrine makes gastronomic fashion sense

and more fashion sense!


An umbrella can aid in making a couple gets closer

And  it could create a romantic photo to display on that long-been-empty wall space


 But if an umbrella is not practical with one’s sporting interest, there’s always the raincoat as alternative.


 Raincoat not only for the body but also for that expensive purchase – such as this one  from Longchamp!

(More Umbrella themes coming soon!)



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