Theme: Man, the Observer

Man, of whatever age, background and orientation has that certain mystique in the way he looks at things. You don’t know what is in his mind.   No one can fathom how he interprets something that catches his interest. Could it be that his inventive or creative gene is at work? After all, that’s how the famous inventors since the beginning of time  are made up of – the ever inquisitive minds.

I would like to delve on the observant nature of man through our Theme for today.

Enjoy browsing!

Of books and famous men…
Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Paris


Stopping to admire …

 On leave and under the spell of Hotel de Ville

Window shopping  in Paris

Scrutinising Tintin
“Au de la Street Art” Exhibition, Paris


 “It is an unscrupulous intellect
that does not pay to antiquity its due reverence.”
Desiderius Erasmus
(rue Guisarde, Paris 6th)

“A good woman inspires a man…..”
 Helen Rowland 
Place des Abbesses, Paris

A policeman eternally observes in the name of security…


Observing the New Arrivals

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