Late Autumn scenes…. in Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg
…or the Luxembourg Gardens, is the second largest public park in Paris (22.5 hectares).
The park is the garden of the French Senate, which is itself housed in the Luxembourg Palace.

l’Acteur Grec (The Greek Actor)
The statue is shown rehearsing his lines from a parchment. A mask drawn over his head signifies that he is an actor.
Sculptor: Charles-Arthur Bourgeois, 1868

The domed building at the back is the Pantheon, the burial site of Victor Hugo, Pierre and Marie Curie, among others…

Guarding the flowers.. errr.. the French Senate building


This is the 17th century Luxembourg Palace which houses the French Senate.
The statue of Diana, the hunter, stands on the foreground.
Diana (also named Artemis) is the goddess of hunt and also the twin sister of Apollo, the god of healing, music, light, truth and prophecy.

The building behind is Tour Montparnasse (Montparnasse Tower),
once the tallest building in Paris until 2011 when it was overtaken by another building.

The Medici vases that change flower displays according to the season.
Seen here are gold and yellow coloured chrysanthenums. In the summer, they are replaced by geraniums.


Did you know that in Europe, this flower symbolizes death?  That is why around All Saints Day,  you see them sold in all flower shops.  Hence, don’t even attempt to give it to your mother-in-law as a peace offering!

The Medici Fountain (1630)

The Eiffel Tower peeking from behind

Monaco in Photos

Man in sunglasses: I earned six million euros in my sleep.

A policeman is a permanent fixture on this spot. Not only that he gives a more humane side of the city (in the photograph) but he can also assist lost drivers and pedestrians…

Every school holiday, the Port of Monaco is transformed into a Funfair of rides, food stalls and games.
This one is for the All Saints’ Day school holidays.

A family that plays together stays together

In Monaco, even trees are tourist attractions..

This olive tree is probably a hundred year old

Fido says if you don’t want to pose .. I will (thanks to my friend, Lou, for the caption!)

Out for a sandwich break!

Even without the gaming income, Casino de Montecarlo earns a fortune each day coming from visitors paying entrance tickets for the chance to see the gaming rooms.

They seem to be debating whether to go inside the casino or not! (casino is the building at the back)

Chandelier in Opera de Montecarlo

The Grimaldi family: Prince Rainier and Princess Grace with their 3 children: Albert, Caroline and Stephanie

Almost the entire 2 square kilometer size of Monaco is an urban area.

My idol, seen in Monaco

The entrance to the casino. Photography is not allowed inside

Despite the restricted land space of the world’s second smallest country, Monaco boasts of many parks.
How do they do it? They build them on top of buildings

This 5-star Belle Epoque style Hermitage Hotel is owned by the same owner of the Casino de Montecarlo

Opera de Montecarlo

Casino de Montecarlo

Several cruise ships bringing thousands of passengers dock in Monaco Port every day all year round

The Beach

Menton, Cote d’Azur

We had been enjoying sunny blue skies and beautiful weather since we came down here in the south but alas, it’s time to leave and we are dreading the cold and damp air that will welcome us in the north. So I am taking with me these beautiful beach scenes of Menton to warm me up a bit during the cold nights that will come ahead…

Window-shopping (Part 2)…. in Monaco

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If a third-hand is cheaper then I’m interested!

Those are second-hand…who can tell!

Even a second hand LV still looks an LV!

(still second hand)…Shame.. too small for me

Chopard mini-umbrellas.. errrr… watches

Most shops display the photo of the Prince and his Princess.. This is a second hand shop.

A city of racing cars need shoes for drivers of racing cars!

The rich still needs toilet accessories fit for the rich!

Can’t make up his mind! red, black, grey….

If it’s Gucci, it must be good!

No, they are not auctioning the car. The man with the number 40 sign is a tourist guide.
These tourists just arrived from a cruise ship and they are about to enter the Casino which is the building behind them.