Re-uniting with The Thinker

 It’s been more than a month since my last post!  I’ve been playing host, mother, cook, tourist guide,  photographer  to my son and his wife who came to Paris for the final month of their 3-month European honeymoon.  Aside from the day to day family bonding which kept me busy and lacking concentration to blog, we visited tourist attractions,  wandered off beaten paths,  attended events, went museum-hopping and queueing up at heritage sites, mostly done at zero-euro cost!  So in the coming weeks, I shall be posting photos and tips that will definitely interest those who want to conquer Paris on a budget.  Watch for them!

For a starter, let me take you  to that spot which my son specifically requested to cap up their Parisian holiday –


 The Thinker at Musée Rodin gardens

I must admit I have been exploring Paris on foot for ages, focusing on the hidden gems that I laboriously google on the internet but it never even crossed my mind to highlight what is already obvious! The Thinker has been staring at me on the face but I kept on ignoring him.

Even when I saw the pensive statue featured on “Midnight in Paris” where Carla Bruni-Sarkozy acted as museum guide, I still turned a blind eye although I couldn’t help but admire the charm of the ex-French First Lady on the movie.

Eventually, the only thing that made me go and see Auguste Rodin’s bronze masterpiece was through the urgings of my son.  And I’m glad I went.


The Thinker is not really unknown to me.  I first stumbled upon his image in the early 80’s, on a magazine occupying the entire page where it was used as an advertising stunt, I think, for a photocopying machine.  I instantly fell in love with  the artwork, the muscular build reminded me of a Greek god in deep thought.  I probably got so smitten by it that I tore the page, took it for framing and stayed adorning our sitting room wall for several years up to the day my son was born and even beyond that.  Because of work, we both went to live abroad then  returned home after few years.  By then, the framed photo disappeared from the wall.  It was only early this week when we went to see the statue that my son told me that he remembers seeing a photo of it in our sitting room back home when he was growing up!


Seeing the original sculpture in all its glory was like getting reunited to a long, lost friend.  But it’s even more than that, for IT IS an amazing piece of art!  If Michelangelo’s Dying Slave and Dante have  touched my sensibilities to the core, The Thinker had made me swoon over a statue, just like when I swooned over his photo in the early 80’s!  I just love him!


The Thinker is set in the beautiful rose garden of an 18th-century mansion where the artist lived and worked. The gardens, the perfectly aligned cone-shaped trees that surround The Thinker render the sculpture its divine appearance and whichever angle you look at him, he looks so perfect amongst the roses.  The roses themselves are delightfully irresistable to photograph!





Even this miniature copy we saw at the museum boutique was excruciatingly tempting to buy.  Definitely, after that trip, I became a Rodin-phile. Now, I just had to enlarge that photo I took , frame it and display it at home!

Musée Rodin
77, rue de Varenne, Paris 7th
Metro: Varenne

Where to kiss in Paris

It’s the title of a book I saw in a Parisian bookstore and I’m not surprised that someone would be inspired to write something on the subject – for Paris is a city where kissing couples are a normal sight. They do it everywhere, whatever weather, at anytime of the day. So when K and A came to Paris for their honeymoon, it was already fixed on their itinerary that they should do what Parisians and other visitors to this romantic city do.

Enjoy the photos!


In the Metro underground

By the fountain of Palais Royal gardens

By the fountain of Palais Royal gardens

Palais Royal gardens

Metro exit of Palais Royal

Come rain or shine, at the rue Royale, infront of Maxim’s…

And of course, at the most famous icon of them all!