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After Collabassa, we  went to the neighbouring village of Airole, one of our most favorite hangout in the Italian Liguria.


This ancient borgo of 500 inhabitants is perched on a cliff overlooking the Roya valley and its river, surrounded by olive trees,  Mediterranean vegetation and mountains.  It is practically walking distance to the sea.


As soon as we parked the car at the entrance of the village, we saw this hullabaloo going on!  It is the inauguration day of their Casa dell’Acqua (Water House),  the purpose of which is to distribute natural water at a low cost by reducing the use of plastic containers.


And what pure luck we had….. a flea market is also going on!


They call this piazza the living room of the village as this is where everyone congregate:  sit for a glass of beer, savour a meal for an al fresco dining…



… or where children go out and play.


Lucky for those who live above:  people-watching all day long, 365 days a year!


We sat down for a glass of beer and what a treat to be served these brochetta!  In Italy,  aperitivo time is when you order wine/beer/cocktail before mealtime and the waiter gives you finger foods to accompany your drinks.


Every now and then, this senor would play his accordion for some Italian folk music, to the delight of everyone!


But the official music providers are these young villagers, creating a festive atmosphere!


We sat with our beer till dark, and everyone did, too.  That’s “La Dolce Vita” for you!


And before leaving, I just got to take this night shot of the village!  Not perfect but you get the feel….Isn’t it lovely!


Oh, I must tell you what we bought from the flea market: an original Versace glass frame for the new wife, for a mere 10euros


and a bronze ring holder for 4euros!

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