Padua – Celebrating Liberation Day

During this week-long business trip of H to Padua, Wednesday, 25th of April,  had to fall on an Italian public holiday but that doesn’t mean I could tag him along with me through my Padovan exploration today.

Oh no….his home office is France,  work goes on, and that means making his virtual reporting and tele-conferencing from the comfort of our hotel room.  Also, it’s been an awesome Italian medieval art and history adventure for me these last few days – at turtle speed – which is my mode of photo sightseeing because composing shots of fountains and medieval doors and towers takes a lot of time and certainly, photoshooting and husband are not good combination!

So while he attended to his job, I went to town on my own taking advantage of the last few hours left to my 48-hour Padova Card.

But then again, because of this public holiday, the Electric Bus is also on holiday and the alternative bus came in late so I was quite pissed off waiting for ages at the bus stop, but still I’m glad I went for I didn’t expect to see the town raining with men in uniform!

Now, now, I must confess that there are only THREE personalities in this world that would make me swoon over:  The Italians…..Men in Uniform…and H coming out of the pool with dripping wet hair….not necessarily in that order!

So how lucky I was when I saw the first TWO appeared simultaneously today, and the THIRD, of course, I’ve seen already this morning….hurray!

And now, without too much ado, here are the MIU photos taken today infront of the Town Hall of Padova:


MIUs stand down while the Mayor of Padova makes his speech.  The woman above is a sign language interpreter.


Uniforms of all colours and rank!


The military band is easily recognizable by their headpiece of hen feather!


The event was well attended by veterans, descendants of resistance fighters and partisan organizations.


MIUs of all ages


The crowd, mostly belonging to the Grey community, are all ears and hands at the Mayor’s speech.


The two men in black look very Napoleonic.  Italy was indeed under Napoleon for 18 years (1796 – 1814)

“The City of Padua commemorates today the 67th anniversary of the  liberation of Italy by allied troops in the 2nd world war.”

 Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day) is celebrated on April 25th and is a national holiday.

It is celebrated to mark the day in 1945 on which the Partisans rose up and overthrew Mussolini and the Germans marking an end to World War II in Italy. It is also used to honour the falled soldiers and civilians during the war, especially the partisans.

To celebrate in most towns, gatherings take place, some with bands, concerts and political rallies. In all but the most touristic places, shops, museums, banks and restaurants may also be closed. As well as ceremonies there are sometimes historic re-enactments.

In Rome the President visits the Ardeatine Caves Mausoleum where the Germans massacred 335 Romans in 1944 and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Piazza Venezia.

One song represents the date of liberation Bella Ciao. It is a folk song about a partisan who died for freedom and who had asked to be buried in the mountains under the shade of a beautiful flower.



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