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Today is  “La Journée du Sommeil” or Day of Sleep. I chose to call it Sleep Festival to make it sound more of a celebratory manner.

Why “celebratory”? Because this is the 12th year that they are holding this event, taking place today, 16th of March, all over France.

Hence, let me join in the observance by making “Sleep’ the theme for today.

Just please don’t fall asleep while looking at these photos..ZZzzzzz….

Sleeping in the clouds…..Zermatt, Switzerland


Headless in Paris.  France


This pensioner found a way to save on electricity. He goes to his favorite haunt, the well-heated Botanique in Brussels and spends the entire morning sleeping on a bench. This place used to be a plant conservatory but now turned into a concert venue.

Sleeping Statue…….Paris, France

This way nobody steals his bag while he sleeps….Paris, France


The homeless needs to sleep somewhere….San !remo, Italy


Sleeping with his chicken …… Cebu, Philippines

The beanbag sleeper……. Paris, France


This is the longest bench in the world, a perfect place to sleep fivesome!
Geneva, Switzerland

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