London: People-watching

The original plan of a one-week’s stay in Southeast England unfortunately was cut to a mere three days when H suddenly received a call necessitating us to be in Paris immediately.  The good thing is, we still were able to do London in a day but limited only to a couple of museums, a garden and aimless walking.

But first, let us start with some people-watching snaps:


The double-decker bus uploading passengers near the Albert Memorial


Waiting for the bus near the Victoria and Albert Museum


Walking along the Natural History Museum building with the dome of the Royal Albert Hall in the background


Taking some souvenir shots before leaving the Natural History Museum


An Asian tourist videoing the rock display at the Natural History Museum


An art student doing good progress in her drawing..


My dream to step foot at the V&A museum has finally happened albeit it was just a quick tour.  Next time, I shall spend an entire day scrutinizing the works of art, like this gentleman.  Entrance is free anyway!  


A visit to the V&A seemingly is part of every London student’s curriculum.


The most pleasant moment we had was the coffee break at the V&A café.  The place is a museum masterpiece in itself!


Time to go home but first, I need to find out the tube connections that would take us to the train station

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2 thoughts on “London: People-watching”

  1. Hello po ate Maria…glad to know you’re back in the UK…I’ve been to London but I haven’t had the chance to visit any museums unfortunately…now I’m thinking whether I should go in July…:D

  2. Hello Anily
    Go to London, why not, but I must warn you, July (and August) are the peak tourist months so be prepared to tackle long queues and crowded tube stations. I really like the Victoria and Albert Museum, so much historical information to absorb. Same goes with the Natural History museum, extremely fascinating to see samples of meteor rock, moon rocks, crystals of every shape and form…huh! I want to go back! (Note: admission is free!)

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