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As H and I will be heading for England tomorrow for some important business, I’d like to  take this opportunity to revive this site’s “Theme” days with “Very British” things as a starter.  I will post a lot of photos when I come back in a week’s time, hopefully, about London and its museums, markets and of course, the inevitable “people-watching”!

Meanwhile, enjoy the images:


The famous line in every description of an English countryside is her “gentle rolling hills and green pastures”, ideal for hiking… when it’s not raining.


Spring is when the woods of England are covered with carpets of blue bells, absolutely glorious!


A trip to England is not complete without trying their legendary – and greasy –  fish and chips


One thing that I admire about this country is their passion for classic cars.  When you see one like this plying on the road, you know you are in England!


UK is the land of hanging plants or container gardening.


Every village, town or city would have a Charity Shop, great to buy vintage and good quality stuff for pennies!


Where would you find breakfast served all day?  Only in the UK!


The Saturday/Sunday Car Boot Sales is always a crowd-drawer


Only in Britain that houses sport names!  It is an old custom which began with the gentry naming their manors, halls, and castles. The local folks followed suit and the names are often related to the houses’ distinguishing features such as Oak Cottage, Rose Cottage,  Orchard House, etc.


Hilarious traffic signs! This one was introduced in 1981 following a children’s competition!


Clone houses


In Britain, they drive on the wrong side of the road so if you are not sure where to look, there’s a sign to remind you.


These brightly coloured beach huts are an indispensable part of the British seaside

And last but not least, these British reds…

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