Blue Menton in the Autumn

We stopped by the coastal town of Menton today and how unceasingly we raved about how lucky we are for having the chance to live in this part of the world!  Truly, the turquoise blue mediterranean sea could lift one’s spirit through the roof! 

The Cote d’Azur could be one of the most expensive places on earth but look what you get in exchange of your hard-earned cash  (or “old money” if you inherited it from your wealthy parents )- Sun, Sea, Sand and may I add, Blue!


This 17th century Bastion used to be a military fort for protecting the town against marine invasion, particularly from Genova (Italy).  It was converted into an exhibition place for Jean Cocteau’s work, including drawings, paintings and tapestries.


Just a few sunbathers today




Last week’s storm brought big waves and along with it, rocks…. so volleyball is suspended in the meantime.


The marina of Menton

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