Theme: Police

Our theme this Monday is a subject close to my heart.

Why do I have this complete fascination of photographing policemen?  It must be their uniform, the way they carry it, their lean but muscular figure
Paris, France

…….the way they move
Paris, France

…and carry themselves – all these giving them the aura of respectability and charisma
Seine river, Paris

while unflaggingly doing their duty to protect us all from harm (and illegal vendors such as in the above photo-chase)
Paris, France

Everytime I see them in public places, I quickly dig my camera out so I could fire off a candid shot or two ….from a distance

Yes, only from a distance. I really don’t have the courage to ask them to pose for me.  But others seem to do it in a breeze. 
Rome, Italy

So I just content myself to photographing their backs
Geneva, Switzerland

Most of my shots of policemen are those of their backsides
Aachen, Germany

And more backside….like this one in Montecarlo

Backside (again)..but in a staggering background

The only time I could take a frontview shot is when they get too engrossed aiding drivers in distress
Paris, France

Policemen wear different uniforms not only according to rank but also depending on the season.  This photo clearly connotes a cold month,  late winter perhaps.
Vence, South of France

Rain or cold, patrol work is their most important duty.  Police visibility may not help stop crime but at least it can reduce the statistics.
Nottingham, England

This is late summer so they are still wearing short sleeves
Senate, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris

Policemen are also like you and me who laugh at their own jokes ….but still exudes an air of elegance.
Genova, Italy

Their mode of transportation also depends on their place of work, like here in Venice , a city of canals, so they have to use police boats.

And in Zermatt, Switzerland, to preserve the pure mountain-air environment, it is illegal to use vehicles with combustion engines, hence, they can only use electric-powered cars.

And if they are patrolling a large crowded area during a very important event such as the Patrimoine Weekend in Paris where thousands of people are queueing up for the chance to enter the French President’s Palace, then they have to be on horseback.
Paris, France

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