Theme: Umbrella

Most of the summer of 2011 in Paris and its neighbouring cities in northern Europe had been abnormally soggy what with the large amount of rainfall that poured almost every other week.  This has naturally upset the holiday plans of those who have chosen to remain at home rather than joining the exodus of the vast majority of the population towards the dryer and warmer climes of the Mediterranean.

As a result of this wet scenario, the sale of umbrellas definitely have risen to its all-time high.  

True, it may only be an insignificant piece of possession but depending on who is using it and how it is being used, it could well be one of the most photogenic subjects.

Hence, I chose this Monday’s theme, the most used but the less talked about, the Umbrella.


The umbrella adds romance to a gloomy scene, especially if it is given a lively colour!

This artwork seen displayed in Place du Tertre, Paris


Trivial?  I don’t think so.  It actually symbolizes the weather of a powerful nation:  Great Britain.

British postcard


It exudes a certain chicness, when translated in French.

Lyon, France


And whether it rains or not, every mid-July to mid-August, the umbrella is a permanent fixture in the annual Paris Plage

Quai de Seine, Paris


“Rain, rain…. come to us, Jacques and Jill, are so much in love..”

Castle District, Prague


Not even rain can stop a shopaholic wife.

Off Avenue Montagne, Paris


An umbrella can feed a hungry stomach.

An Immigrant (not seen on the photo) selling his wares in Patras, Greece


It provided relief from the 2007 heatwave in Greece.

Corfu, Greece


An umbrella – or a twin – can well be an effective fashion statement!

Castle district, Prague


It’s raining, it’s pouring…but the scene is still quite photogenic!

Frankfurt Main Train Station, Germany



I’ve always dreamed of owning one like this!  It’s perfect for gardening!



An innovative approach to selling German bratwurst.

Bonn, Germany


An umbrella is a tourist guide’s best friend.

Rome, Italy


If not in used, tt could be an exotic decoration, when grouped with the others.

A Thai restaurant, Nottinghill, England


A surefire way to raise the value of an umbrella is to make it into an art medium.   

A souvenir shop in Vienna, Austria

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2 thoughts on “Theme: Umbrella”

  1. Well done. I have enjoyed your collection of umbrellas. It seems Paris and Northern Europe had their summer early this year. The quais de Seine on the Paris Plage shot seems a bit deserted, doesn’t it? Seattle weather was a bit off too ,with a very average July, but we did get gorgeous weather at the very end. Go figure. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Hi Veronique!
    True! We had an early summer, it was so hot in April/May, so when July/August came, it became more autumnal, although in Lyon, we experienced few days of canicule (heatwave). The climate is really going haywire in Europe, n’est-ce pas?

    Yes, the Paris Plage was not as crowded as the last few years, c’est dommage! Oh well, try again next year….

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