Theme: Legs of Rome

I’m back from a long hiatus!  When it’s the holiday season here in Europe, I had to take time out from my own personal holidays to play tourist guide to my sister and her family who came for a 4 country – 16 city tour!  So again,  thousands more photos have been added to my collection and I just had to find the time and the topic when to post them here. 

For this Monday’s theme, I chose the topic on Legs!  Legs do communicate and by observing their movement, you can more or less imagine what the person is thinking!

All these photos were taken in Rome, a great city for people-watching!


She: Seductive, He:  Confident


Fashionista and confident


She: this would be great to post on Facebook


Thank goodness, the conference is over!  Now it’s time to do some sightseeing.


She likes to shop, he is doing a mental calculation of the bill


Stopping for a cold drink, but she couldn’t find her purse!


Mesmerized and speechless seeing the Coliseum up close


Sitting through history


Slightly demanding and usually gets what she wants


Opposing worlds but they do love each other, no doubt about it.


Enjoying the holiday break, back to work in no time!


Friends, countrymen.. you can take your souvenir photos with us.  Very cheap!

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2 thoughts on “Theme: Legs of Rome”

  1. Very cool post. Like you, I enjoy people watching. I am certain Rome is fantastic place to do so. Love how you tell all these stories inspired by people’s… feet. My favorite: the woman, shopping. The husband, assessing the damage. Very true. Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  2. Hi Veronique…people on the street are my most favorite photographic subjects…thank goodness for my point-and-shoot, i can do it easily without getting noticed, hehehe!

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