Backpacking Tips

Backpacking Tips

Tip # 1


Make sure that your backpack is not too ridiculously big as to attract photographers like myself!

Menton, France

Tip #2


Do as the Germans do: Bike-pack with your motorbike!

Corfu, Greece


Another bike-packer. Seen coming down from Anek Lines (Corfu-to-Venice)

Venice Port, Italy

Tip # 3


You can start it young!

Corfu ferry terminal, Greece

Tip # 4


Be chic. Be cool. Look good.

Your “make-the-train-ticket-lady-swoon” looks will give you an added advantage like getting the best seat, less queueing time on the counter and even getting your 10-bed hostel room booking upgraded to 5!

Venice Port, Italy

Tip # 5


Buy your food from the market. It’s a great way to try the local cuisine and regional specialities without breaking your budget. Pick up a loaf of bread, some cheese and sausages. With just few euros, your provisions may last you for two days or more.

Tip # 6


Comfortable footwear is a must!

Tip # 7


Taking a picture of a loved one when backpacking could rid you of homesickness

Tip # 8


Backpack with a recumbent bike if you have a bad back

Tip # 9


Let your passion (for shoes, as in this photo) shine even while backpacking

Tip #10


If you are an incurable shower-freak, nothing is wrong (really!) with lugging your own water tank…

Tip #11

backpacker6.JPG backpack2.JPG

The sun can be a real burner especially in the summer so a hat is a must.

Tip #12

It pays to invest in a backpack rain cover. It doesn’t only protect your things from getting wet, it also prevents your backpack from getting heavier when damp.

Tip #13

Make it simple!
Carrying far too much bags – and extra heavy at that that you have to borrow your baby nephew’s old stroller – defeats the purpose of “Backpacking”.

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2 thoughts on “Backpacking Tips”

  1. Hi Maria,

    Glad I come across your blogsite via the PinoyEx thread: A Pinay in Europe. Have a lot of catching up to read coz I’m still in page 8 and already 2am in my other side of the world hahaha… I love your style of writing – witty and informative :)

    I will backpacking across Europe in August for 3-4 months so this site is helpful to me.


  2. hi Marie!

    Thanks for the comment! It’s the feedback from readers that feeds my blogging soul, hehehe!!

    With this Pinay site, at least it is easier to find my old PEX posts now that I have categorized them to cities, etc. If you need any help for your future backpacking trip, please feel free to ask me here. Take care!

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