Theme: Travelling Cars

Our theme this Monday  is very timely for the summer holiday season.

Travelling cars – H and I travel a lot by road and that’s where we see them:  different makes, different nationalities (of the owner-riders, at least), different sizes, forms and shapes.  And just by observing, I find myself concocting mental images on the type of travelling life the people inside these cars lead.


You see caravans plying on highways all times of the year but the highest traffic comes in July/August.


This is the typical scenario:  a big car towing a big caravan


But there is also the reverse: it’s the caravan towing the car. 


Other holidaymakers find caravans too big to negotiate on roads so they stick to little trailers that could carry their camping gears including bicycles


This is a camping trailer.  Just a little puttering and it will transform into a large awning complete with a kitchen and sleeping compartments.


Instead of towing a caravan, some holidaymakers prefer a campervan as it is so much easier, as this German van, where you can practically strap everything on it:  bike, kayak, surfboard, more storage boxes as well as a satellite antenna.


This is the travelling caravan belonging to the “Compagnie des Songes”,  a group of stage actors who holds stage shows all over France and abroad.  A nice job, I think, as you get to travel for free and earn money at the same time!


This is a serious campervan…the sleeping compartment is that part above the driver’s seat.  Inside you will find a kitchen, a dining room, a sitting room with TV and sometimes fitted with a bathroom complete with a chemical toilet.


A more serious campervan – almost 1.5x longer than a bus and compartments such as the kitchen extends out when on parking mode.


Sometimes the holidaymaker prefers to stay semi-permanently in one place so he rents a space in a campsite for years (renewing it each year), build a chalet around it for added space, such as this one we saw near the French village of Evian at the border of Switzerland. 


We stayed in this “green” campsite in Germany when we did the Rhine Valley trip.  It is so pleasant and overlooks the ruins of a castle up the hill.


A campsite near the Yorkshire Moors in England where we pitched up a tent.  It looks  like a glorified parking lot, isn’t it?


This is not a caravan park nor the front yard of a 2nd-hand caravan showroom.  This space is called “Aire d’accueil aux gens de voyage”, literally means “welcome stop for gypsies”.  As there are about half a million gypsies living in France, the government enacted a law requiring each commune to reserve a land space for these travelling  people, majority of them originates from Eastern Europe.


So there you are, travelling cars not only for holidaying but also for working and mobile living.  As travelling is my passion, it’s my ardent wish to be in all three….How about you?

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