Theme: Backpacker

Our theme for today is very timely – Backpackers.

It’s the time of the year when you see them just about everywhere and it is fascinating to observe how they struggle to lug all their possessions – most often voluminous and most likely numerous, defeating the purpose of lightweight travelling.  Here they are and if you are a backpacker like them, it will give you an idea how you would look like in the eyes of observers like myself..


The shoes-loving backpacker


Thank goodness for public benches…


Backpacks are like children, they don’t pay fares but are allowed to take free seats



All limbs are taken


A backpacker forever



Taking a backpacker-type of nap


She is carrying the 2-second tent…just throw it in the air and hof! just get in, ready to sleep!

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One thought on “Theme: Backpacker”

  1. Funny! We are wrapping up our European tour in Spain and I have seen a lot of backpackers on this trip. I always feel as if my family brings along too many bags, but I look at your pics, I realize we are not that bad after all. At least our bags have wheels! 😉 A bientot, Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

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