Paris Walks: from Notre Dame to Jardin du Luxembourg

This has been my third attempt at exploring Paris without a map and so far, I find it the  best way of discovering its best secrets.  I  scour each and every rue (street) and get extremely fascinated by the the staggering details of a bygone era.  And  I thought I knew Paris from the back of my hand but I was wrong!  Each time I venture into an unknown street, I am endlessly discovering something new and something different.  And believe it or not, I’ve been going to and fro this amazing city since 1999 but it’s only today that I saw the bigger picture of the Jardin du Luxembourg!  I think this is the most beautiful garden in Paris!

 By the way, you will notice some strange effect of my images.  Well, I am using now my Point and Shoot (since my Canon 40D stopped working) and experimenting on its Pin-Hole mode and I think the result is amazing!  I find the traditional shots getting to be boring so from now on, I shall try all the special effects of this camera.

So arriving at the Place Saint-Michel Metro stop, I began my walk..aimlessly.

The name “Pont-Neuf” is New Bridge in French but it is actually the oldest bridge in Paris constructed from 1578 – 1607, listed as a historic monument in 1889 and entered Unesco’s World Heritage List in 1991. For me it is the most romantic-looking bridge of the capital!

This street which was first opened in 1672 was a part of theland where the residence of the Dukes of Savoie used to be, hence the name.  And since it had that Royal beginning, the price of property also has a Royal figure:  around 14,795euros/sq.mphotoshop.JPG
‘’… English,, the name of this photography school in rue de Savoie.
A gastronomic restaurant specializing in Haute-Cuisine, where you dine like a King, as the building used to be the monastery where Louis XIII was proclaimed King in 1610 after the assassination of his father the King Henry IV. The royal bill would average 110 euros for lunch and 162 euros for dinner.
Another gastronomic restaurant listed as a historic monument opened its doors in 1766 and renowned clients were Alexander Dumas and Victor Hugo. Food is a bit affordable and if you have 45euros in your pocket, you can experience a gastronomic lunch of a lifetime.
This is the oldest cafe in Paris, founded in 1686, and situated in the covered passage of La Cour du Commerce Saint-Andre (1735)

A popular bistro, Relais Odeon, also in La Cour du Commerce. The facade has an Art Nouveau styled mosaic.

This neo-classical styled Odeon Theatre of Europe opened in 1782 to be the stage venue of the acting troupe, Théâtre-Français.

Two female relief on a door

The entrance to the Jardin du Luxembourg!

A youth orchestra from Oregon, U.SA. was having a concert in the park.


The Senate is located at one end of the Jardin du Luxembourg.
The Orangerie of the garden has been temorarily transformed into an Art Gallery. How lucky I was, because today was the last day of the one-month exhibition.

The staggering sculpture on the facade of the Senate

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