Scent of a Woman…. in Paris

I just love photographing women and all about them especially when the setting is in Paris.  They are not necessarily all Parisians, mind you, but it must be the chic air and all that French-y surroundings that make them stand out.  I really don’t know, but just the same, they are very photogenic subjects. 

After browsing at the photos here, you will probably agree with me.


In Paris, you have the freedom of expression and that includes the way you dress.  It’s because this is a melting pot of fashion, culture and faith, that whatever you wear, as long as it is decent and not against the law, nobody will bother you.


The boots give me the feeling that she is from Britain and she looks great in her mixed dressing.


That’s right, instead of throwing away a nice pair of shoes just because you have grown tired of them, another female passersby might find them a lucky find!


The French writings could easily be responsible in giving her that chic air!


Pregnant but still sexy.  Yes, you can find the right fashion shops to complement your bulging curves, only in Paris.


The Eiffel Tower background has given a “haute couture” appeal to this woman who was merely tasked in delivering this costume to some client.  Imagine if this shot was taken in the desert or in the middle of a ricefield, would you think it will give the same visual result?


This is an art gallery in the Marais.  The curves of this mannekin are almost perfect, so beautiful, that it even pairs well with the Jewish candelabra in the background.


and of course, no props beats a puppy on a leash…even if it’s the size of a rat.  It’s a surefire way to get people’s attention…

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