A Sunday walk in Corfu town

Walking around Corfu town is a feast for the eyes and with Christmas just few days from now, it’s fascinating looking at the Christmas decorations in shops while shoppers walk about doing their Christmas purchases.  Truly, people-watching is a great delight, what with Corfiot women not having the slightest intention to fall behind their French and Italian sisters in the fashion scene!


I suppose it’s the twins’ first-ever Christmas shopping!

Greece is where I have seen the most number of boots-lovers!
A corner shrine


The ageless stone pavement  that always looks better with time

One minute you are in the High Street and the next, you find yourself traipsing  through residential alleys.  You get a lot of housekeeping ideas though, like, how to dry socks in tight spaces!

The mountains of Albania as seen from Corfu town

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Cruise ships are a common sight around Christmas



This is where we buy our 2-euro “gyros” (shawarma) if we don’t feel like cooking…

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“Kronia Polla!”…….(“Merry Christmas” in Greek)

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I like the bulb display on this bar5305944025_a32a9df033

Antique shop


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The art of Gaugin

The Olive Season

We went driving to the hills today and were truly impressed by the glorious sight of the olive trees heavily laden with fruits and the black nettings underneath them.  The harvest season starts in October and lasts till the early months of the following year. 


Climb this footpath at your own risk!  The olives dropping on the ground slowly excretes  their precious oil making this pavement dangerously slippery for walking!


These black nettings laid out under the tree collect the dropping olives.  When the harvest season is over, they are carefully folded out and stored away, to be taken out again next season.



The dropped olives


A majestic olive tree standing golden and proud at sunset.