Marathon run in La Defense

Two Fridays ago, a marathon run was  organized in La Defense (business centre of Paris) for the benefit of  “Action contre la Faim” (Action against hunger).  For every employee  participating in the run, his company pays 15 euros towards the organization whose proceeds will go to the victims of recent disasters like Haiti, Congo, Burma and others.

 Thousands of runners joined in the race.  Yours truly was there squeezing herself in-between official photographers and waterboys!

Arc du Triomphe in the background. Note that La Defense is part of the linear AXIS that starts in the Place de la Concorde, going thru the Arc du Triomphe and ending in La Defense.

It was the football season where the Blueus eventually were kicked out of the game.


This mother and her baby have to cross to the other side, marathon or no marathon!


Thousands joined in the run which started at 2pm


Some ran for the show


It was quite cold that day