My father in law, an officer and a gentleman

I would like to dedicate this post to my pa-in-law in honor of his passing. He was the gentlest Englishman I have ever met. He was very good to me and always thanked me for being very kind to him. I treated him like my real father, you see. He had a soft heart towards me, I guess because of his unforgettable experience working with Filipinos when he was sent to Cebu to work as Consultant for Philippine Airlines on flight simulators.

It was sad to see his closed coffin today, but the sadness turned to pride when we saw his war medals displayed on top of the casket alongside the old morse code machine which he himself made and which my husband, when he was a young boy, learned to communicate with his father just by emitting dots and dashes from this old gadget, the father of all radio communications!

Today, H finally took home this memento …but alas, his bag where it was stored got held up at the airport’s xray machine. “Is that a morse code?”, the airport security officer asked. Whew, we thought they were going to confiscate it!

The morse code

The war medals which H just discovered lately. My pa-in-law had always been very humble as to his achievements

The pride we feel about my pa-in-law’s past achievements were even accentuated when we saw a bunch of old gentlemen already standing infront of the church when we arrived. It was like a scene in a movie, “The Gentlemen’s Club”, what with these elegantly attired men who personify the dying breed of honorable and courteous Englishmen.

That my pa-in-law was truly a part of this breed, there’s no question about it. Sadly, the England they knew and fought for is very different from today.



H and myself almost cried when pa’s best friend came with all the trimmings of a hero

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